IJ.start.canon TS3322

IJ.start.canon TS3322

ij.start.canon ts3322

Canon Pixma TS3322 Driver Software Download

To successfully establish a wireless connection between your Canon IJ printer and your computer, you must complete the installation of ij.start.canon ts3322 on your device. Completing the printer setup is not a tough task, all you need is to follow some simple guidelines and once you are done with it, you can start using the printing services without any hassle. In this guide, we are going to share some simple guidelines that can help you with ij.start.canon ts3322 setup on your device. Read the post carefully and set up your Canon IJ TS3122 printer to enjoy the best printing services.

ij.start.canon/ts3322 setup: Guide to Follow

Before you begin with the ij.start.canon/ts3322 setup process, there are certain conditions that your device must meet to use the WPS Push Button method for printer connectivity:  

  • There must be a Physical WPS Push Button available on the access point. You can go through the printer guide to get more details.
  • Your network must have WPA or WPA 2 security protocol.
  • Most of the WPS-enabled access points cannot connect through the WPS method if the WEP security method is being used, or if now security method is enabled. To get these details, you need to check the Wireless connection settings on your device.

Step-by-step instructions to complete the ij.start.canon ts3322  Printer Setup

  1. Check and make sure that your wifi router is within the range of your printer and the WPS button is all set to press.
  2. Press and hold the WiFi button present on your printer until you see the WiFi light flashing.
  3. Now, press the Color button.
  4. Press the Wireless button until the lamp lights up.
  5. Press the Color button and make sure that On Lamp and Wireless Lamp Flashes. After that, hit the WPS button present on your router in two minutes. The Blue WiFI light on your Canon printer will start flashing while searching and the Power and Wireless light will flash while connecting to the Access point.
  6. When your printer establishes a successful wireless connection, the power and wifi light will stop flashing and remain constant. The network light will light up.

To download the printer drivers, you can visit ij.start.cannon/ts3322 download link and download the software. Make sure that you install the latest software to avoid any sort of trouble in the connectivity process.

Network Settings Confirmation

  • Check and make sure your Canon printer is turned on.
  • Load A4 size sheet on your printer.
  • Click & hold the WiFi button until the light flashes once, after that, release the button.
  • Press the Color button.
  • Press the WiFi button.
  • Again press the Color button.

The network information page will be printed. 

While referring to the printouts, check whether the connection is active and SSID shows the correct network. 

Your ij.start.canon ts3322 setup through WPS connection is complete. Do not forget to install the printer drivers and software. If you do not have a CD or if you are using a Mac device, download the software from the printer official site. 

That’s All! With these simple guidelines, your ij.start.canon ts3322 setup is complete. In case, you are finding trouble in completing the setup process by following the aforementioned steps, you can contact the printer experts and seek their advice to complete the printer setup for your device. The experts will guide you with all the necessary information you need to complete the Canon IJ TS3322 setup on your computer.