FIFA World Cup Qualification: Are You Excited For Qatar?

The FIFA World Cup is the biggest soccer tournament in the world. Every four years, teams from all over the world compete in the FIFA World Cup qualification for the chance to hoist the World Cup trophy. As a football fan, there’s nothing more exciting than watching your favourite team compete for that title. Even if you aren’t an avid follower of soccer (or even sports), this event can make you quickly become one! The excitement of watching teams from all over the world compete on a national stage is unparalleled in any other sporting event in history. Here are just some of the reasons why the World Cup, even the FIFA World Cup qualification, is must-see TV:

Watching Teams Worldwide Competing On The Same Pitch

The World Cup and FIFA World Cup qualification is an exciting event for many reasons, but one of the most significant is that it brings together teams from all over the world to compete on the same pitch. While some nations are obviously more competitive than others, everyone has a chance to win if they play their best football. As such, watching football at this level is an opportunity for fans outside of Europe and South America (where most of these teams are based) to see what other countries have been brewing regarding talent.

It’s also exciting because you can see some great players work together as part of a national team—and maybe even score goals or make key assists!

The Anticipation Of Seeing Who Wins The Championship

The anticipation of seeing which team will win the championship is one of the main reasons people are so excited about the World Cup and FIFA World Cup qualification. The excitement builds as you watch each team play until there’s only one left standing. It’s a moment that brings you closer to your family, friends and neighbours who also have their eyes glued to the TV screen. It can feel like a personal victory when your favourite team wins!

See How The Game Has Evolved

The game has changed a lot over the years. It’s faster, it’s more tactical and more physical. The players are technically better, too.

It’s a lot harder to get away with some of the tricks and flicks you used to be able to pull off. You can’t just flick the ball up over your head and expect it to drop down at your feet anymore.

You have to be more creative, you have to be stronger, and you have to be able to move the ball faster than your opponent. That’s why I think futsal is so important for young players. It develops their skills in a way that’s similar to professional football but also very different.

The Opportunity For First-Time Players In The World Cup

The World Cup is the biggest stage in soccer, and many players who play in it for the first time will never play in another one. Even if it’s the World Cup or the FIFA World Cup qualification, it is a great opportunity for players to show what they can do. In addition, some players have established themselves as world-class stars thanks to their performances at previous World Cups (Lionel Messi comes immediately to mind). The World Cup is also an event that attracts many casual viewers who may not normally watch soccer; this means that you might get introduced to new players or teams that you might not otherwise have known about!

To Watch Rivalries Being Renewed

What makes the FIFA World Cup, even the FIFA World Cup qualification, exciting is the renewal of rivalries.

Rivalries are renewed. Rivalries are rekindled. Rivalries are renewed between teams, players and countries. And even continents!

The FIFA World Cup in recent years provided us with many such instances of renewal and rekindling of rivalry between teams, players and countries/continents that had not played each other for a long time. You can also expect that in this year’s FIFA World Cup. For example:

Germany vs Argentina (2014) – It was the first time that these two sides had played each other since 2006 when Lionel Messi scored an incredible hat-trick against Germany in a 3-2 win for Argentina at the FIFA World Cup finals in Berlin’s Olympiastadion stadium.

Nigeria vs Chile (2010) – This particular match was significant because it was one of only two instances where Nigeria took part in a final round match after joining FIFA as an independent nation from Great Britain’s West African colonies in 1960 (the other instance being against England at France 98).

It Only Occurs Every Four Years

The FIFA World Cup is the biggest soccer tournament in the world. It only occurs every four years and features 32 teams competing for glory over six weeks. This year’s World Cup is set to begin in November in Qatar.

Qualifying And Competing Is Hard Work!

Qualifying for and competing in the World Cup is hard work. It’s a gruelling elimination process through the FIFA World Cup qualification, with teams competing fiercely against each other to win their way into the tournament. The 32 teams that qualify are the best in their region, which means they’ve earned this spot through competition and skill. They’re not just “good enough” or lucky—they’re the best!

Teams must prove themselves worthy of advancement by playing dozens of games over multiple years (sometimes even decades) against hundreds of opponents worldwide. Their success on any given day isn’t due to luck; they’ve worked hard at training, strategy and teamwork to make it into this prestigious event.


If you’re a football fan, then the world cup is a special time for you. The World Cup is the most popular sporting event in the world. Even if it’s the FIFA World Cup qualification, qualifying for and competing in this tournament takes a lot of hard work and dedication from each country to be considered one of the best teams on earth. With so many countries competing against each other, it can get pretty intense! It makes sense why so many people around the world tune in to watch this competition every four years; there’s nothing quite like watching two nations duke it out live on television and streaming platforms!

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