Canon Printer not working after Windows 10 Update

Canon Printer not working after Windows 10 Update

canon printer not working window 10: Did your printer stop working after upgrading from Windows to Windows 10? If so, do not do it. Many users have complained about the same problem. You may have this problem even if my printer is not responding is well connected to the computer system. In this article, we have described a quick way to get your printer up and running easily.  

Why can’t I print after updating to Windows 10 2021?  Canon Printer not working 10

Whenever your Canon printers do not have an internet connection and printing, try to find the root cause of these problems. Here are some common causes of these problems with your system: 

  • Dust particles are on the USB port.
  • The printer driver is incompatible or outdated.
  • Poor Wi-Fi connection.
  • The invalid connection between printer and computer.

How to fix a problem not found Canon Printer not working window 10? 

We have put together a simple and effective method that you can use to fix the problem with Windows 10 Upgrade once your printer is up and running. canon printer not responding, You just need to read the instructions below.

Solution 1: Remove dust from the USB slot, as described

can have many dust particles in the USB port and its uses. Capture your cable and clearance and are a stable connection and a dust hole with dusty piles of dust and clay. Then connect your device and check your computer if the computer finds 

Solution 2: Make sure you have the correct driver on your computer.

Your Windows system may have outdated or damaged printer software or drivers. Sleepy drivers are a major cause of problems with your Windows Update printer. Follow these steps to make sure the driver is up to date:

  • Press Windows I on your computer to open the “Settings” window.
  • Select Update and Security from the on-screen options.
  • And then click on “Control Settings”.

If there are updates, click the “Update” button to install them on your system. In addition, you can download all the relevant drivers from the official website of the manufacturer:

Solution 3: Extremely printer connection 

sometimes to see Cannon Winter printers to see a new printer at both ends. So when your printer indicates any mistake, the cable connection indicates a difference, it only touches the line if they get it for free. This must solve the problem and your printer starts the right way 

Solution 4. Reset the printer and reset the drivers

Disabling the Print Services service can also cause problems with your printer, in which case you can fix the problem by resetting the printer and reinstalling the driver. Everything you need to do

Factory settings Steps to restart the printer.

  • Click the Install menu on the printer screen.
  • Go to the “Tools” tab.
  • Select the “Reset to factory settings” option.

Canon software reinstallation process

  • firstly removes the printer from the computer.
  • Click “Next” in the “Programs and Features” menu on the Windows desktop.
  • select the model name of your HP printer and click Remove.
  • Restart the system and turn on the printer.
  • When downloading and installing the latest printer driver from the manufacturer’s official website.


If you need help and further assistance with your Canon printer, please contact our technical team. Our leading Canon printer support team is always available to solve all your problems at an affordable cost. We guarantee that you will provide the best service and meet all your needs in the shortest possible time.