Canon Pixma G1220 Review

Canon Pixma G1220 Review

Canon Pixma G1220 ReviewCanon Pixma G1200 review a few years ago, the Pixma G1220 MegaTank Inkjet Printer ($ 179.99) is one of the rarest single-function or print-only inkjet printers.

As a MegaTank bulk ink model, like the Epson EcoTank machine, Canon printers that get ink from a reservoir full of bottles rather than from a cartridge make it stand out.

What is attractive? 

Its operating costs are the lowest in the business, and its price is about one-third lower than the 2017 version. Despite the flood of entry-level MFPs, the G1220 is not suitable for everyone due to its low functionality and slow speed. But if all you need is to print very high-quality photos and occasional business documents or tasks, this Pixma is one of the most economical ways to do it over time.

Small and simple

Single-function printers are easy to operate by design. It supports different types and sizes of paper, but only prints. You don’t need an automatic document feeder (ADF) because you don’t have a scanner to copy or digitize your documents. This reduces the size of the device compared to an all-in-one machine (AIO).

The Canon Pixma G1220 measures 5.4 x 17.6 x 13 inches (HWD), including pickups, and weighs 10.6 pounds. Same size, but about a pound lighter than the G1200’s predecessor, and much smaller and lighter than the Editors Choice award-winning HP Tango X semi-notebook. Epson’s exclusive consumer photo printer, the Expression Photo HD XP-15000 Wide-Format Inkjet Printer (another PCMag favorite), is much larger because it can handle paper up to 13 x 19 inches.

Small and simple

Paper handling consists of 100 drawers that act as 20 premium photo paper trays as needed. By comparison, HP Tango X has only 50 skins and Epson XP-15000 has up to 250 skins.

Push-alone machines also don’t need much via the control panel. As you can see in the image below, the Canon Pixma G1220 has only buttons and status indicators.

If you notice a lack of Wi-Fi or wireless network control, it’s because the G1220 doesn’t support Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, NFC, or Bluetooth. In fact, the only connection option is USB (bring a cable). That is, you can connect a single Windows or macOS laptop or computer, but not the handset.

 Includes software and special documentation

The software package consists of the canon Pixma G1220 drivers and PosterArtist Lite. Easy-PhotoPrint Editor, as you can imagine, is an image editing and extension program that helps you prepare your photos for printing. You can resize, crop, make corrections such as sharpening and red-eye removal, and apply enhancement filters. Poster Artist Lite is just that sound, an app for creating posters and other photo arrangements.

You can make your images even more beautiful by printing them on special paper such as 5-inch square glossy double-sided matte paper, Canon magnetic and adhesive photo paper, or iron transfer paper. (These and other special media are available at the Canons Online Store.)

Slow document pages and fast screenshots

Canon rates the G1220 as 9.1 pages per minute (ppm) in black and 5ppm in color. This speed can quickly become boring when printing very long documents or large photos. It’s also important to note that this Pixma does not support automatic double-sided printing. You must manually flip the stack to print double-sided pages. I ran the test from an Intel Core i5 Windows 10 Pro PC over a USB connection. (See details on how to test your printer.)

Slow document pages and fast screenshots

In the first test, I registered Pixma while printing a 12-page Microsoft Word document. The average speed of the G1220 is 8.9fpm, which is slightly below the specified speed. This result is the average of the printers described so far here. For example, the Epson XP-15000 achieved 7.9ppm, while the HP Tango X won at 9.6ppm.

How to print canon Pixma G1220 paper sheet

Then print the G1220 while printing colorful and complex business documents consisting of Adobe Acrobat PDF files containing business cards and fonts of various sizes and colors, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets containing various maps and graphs, and brochures. I set it up. Templates with colorful full-page business graphics. .. We then combined those results with the time in the text document to get an average score of 5.2 ppm.

Tank is only 1.8ppm behind, but it’s more or less average for this class of printers. To complete the test, I set up the Canon Pixma G1220 review while holding down two colorful and detailed 4×6 inch screenshots. The average print time per photo is 52 seconds, which is not fast, but excellent. (Tango took 59 seconds).

There are two things in which you can be sure with most cannon pixmaps: they are well printed, and are slowly pressed. The good news is that the G1220S exit is worth waiting for, especially the photos. Images print with better than acceptable detail and precise, bright color. The cannon can push photos without edges until the size of the letter (8.5 per 11 inches).

The canon G1220 also did decent work with our business documents. It also pushed them very slowly. However, entry-level inkjet printers are not really designed to print a stack of full-page pamphlets.

Pixmas usually prints easy-to-read and attractive text with attractive spaces and well-formed characters, and this is no exception. The print quality of the G1220 almost makes up for that inertia.

Penny printing

Above all, the main attraction of the Pixma G1220 is its extremely low operating costs. It costs about 0.3 cents per page for monochrome and 0.8 cents for color. And Canon improved the deal by adding two 170 ml black ink bottles, bringing the total box to about 1,

Printing for Pennies
Printing for Pennies

800 black pages. According to Canon, three 70 ml color bottles (cyan, magenta, and yellow) are suitable for printing 7,700 sheets.

These numbers are about the same as most Canon MegaTank, Epson EcoTank, and HP Smart Tank Plus printers (although the EcoTank tinted page costs 0.9 cents). However, Epson has been offering ink for two years on some EcoTank machines, which is by far the best value.

Sure, there are few print-only machines, especially at the entry-level, but if you print hundreds of photos each month and only occasionally print documents, the Pixma G1220 is relatively cheap to buy and use. When the ink runs out, a set of three 70 ml color bottles costs only $ 12.99, and a 170 ml black bottle costs $ 17.99. In general, it’s a simple machine that prints slowly, but at a very low cost per page. The Pixma G1220 provides a meaningful way to print a stack of photos and other pages for you and your family if you and your family can be patient.



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