IJ.start.canon TS3122

IJ.start.canon TS3122

primary setup of canon pixma

 IJ.start.canon TS3122

To use the latest and greatest Canon printers, you must complete the installation process. This important process consists of several steps. Preparing for each step is important to prepare for success. To learn more about installing the “ij.start.canon TS3122” printer, read the information below.

How to perform “ij. start.canon TS3122” Printer Setup?

Here are some step-by-step instructions to help you install your Canon Pixma TS3122 printer.

Primary setup of Canon Pixma TS3122 

It is important to configure the printer before proceeding with the ij. start.canon TS3122 process. This is done immediately after purchase. He needs:

  • unpack your printer: You must remove the plastic or tape that covers the printer box. Once you have removed all the packaging material, remove the printer from the carton and place it on a clean, durable surface. Make sure the area where you place the printer is within the reach of your wireless network. Now remove the color bar and other media from the printer. All accessories in the box should be discarded.
  • Activate: All Canon printers are connected to an electrical cable. All you need to do is take the cable and fix it with the printer. Make sure the cable is not empty. Now take the other end and connect to the power supply. Finally, disconnect it and press the power button on the printer. Wait until the printer turns on. When you turn it on, the printer turns off and turns green.
  • Download the file: The next step in the process is to download the file to the printer. To do this, take a sheet of paper and arrange it properly. Now take out the paper tray and put a stack of paper in it.
  • Install ink Cartridge: Finally, you need to add ink to your printer. To do this, remove the printer box and remove the tape from it. Then open the front panel and top the paint holes. Carefully place the paint in the opening. To find out if you are unsure about installing ink cartridges, see the user guide. 

Download the printer driver 

Download The printer Driver
Download The printer Driver

Release the ij. start. canon TS3122 hardware installation to download the printer driver. Canon offers different printer drivers for each of its printer modules. You need to go to the printer driver website and download the printer driver created for your model. To learn more about the ij. start. canon TS3122 printer driver download process, see the instructions below. 

  1. Open your browser and go to the printer driver window. Fill in the address field at the top of ij.start.canon“.
  2. On the Printer Managers website, click the Install tab and start searching for your printer. To do this, place a sample of your product in the search box.
  3. When the ij.start.canon TS3122 website appears on the screen, you need to select the operating system. You will see a tab in the upper right corner.
  4. Finally, click the link to download your printer driver. The download starts when you click on the tab.

Install the printer driver

The final step in the ij. start.canon TS3122 procedure is to install the driver of the canon printer you are downloading.  we have provided a simple guide.

  1. Access to the download files: To install the printer drivers, you must access the installation file. When the download file is complete, it is stored in its standard location. Download the folder. So, go to the mandatory catalog and look for Ij .start.Canon TS31212. Call the file and open it.
  2. Grant the Permissions: The next time you need to approve the installation file correctly.  You are allowed to let it run on your device so that the program can allow the program to make it necessary. If you are a Mac user you will also be asked to enter a name and password. 
  3. Connect the printer system to the computer: To continue, you must establish a connection between the printer and the computer. Available modes will be displayed. Select an option and you will be asked to connect. you will also receive instructions on how to connect the printer to the wireless network. 
  4. Select Residence: The next screen shows you a list of locations and selects where to live. It is important to provide a personal experience. 
  5. In the selective program: In the program section of the program, the selected registration category, You choose and select the program you want to install.
  6.  Read Canon Licensing Agreement: After you get the Canon license agreement on the screen.  It is important to know that you know about the circumstances, so you will be asked to read, and then take it. 
  7. Wait until the installation is complete: Once you have completed the above steps, the installation will start automatically. It takes a few minutes to fully install the printer driver. Wait patiently until the installation contin

Conclude the process

You will finally come to the Add Printer or Print screen during adjustment. You can perform these actions or not. If necessary, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process. Also, click on the “Close” icon and delete the ij.start.canon TS3122 process there.