canon printer 5200 Error codes

How do I fix Canon 5200 printer errors?

Canon printer 5200 error are large specifically due to the lower level of the lower surface and the printer in the printer. Canon Prints are organized to get another ink for means a printable box that is installed in your Cannon’s printer or is the closest. So, the movement of water levels to see the surfaces and the color does not close. You can also get an access number.  Our skill engineer appeals to your obstacles and appeals to your canon printer, not incorrect or stick. 

Download Canon Printer software can benefit from high-quality print service and both home and office needs. Like the world’s struggle brand, and it is not the printer’s printer user, there is any file or easy to use the printer. Sometimes of some angry disturbances and not releasing technical knowledge cannot release technical knowledge. A Canon 5200 error from the general problems. Solve this problem without you or, your printer does not work. 

Know-How to fix Canon printer 5200 error codes?  

Canon printers are known for their amazing performance and amazing technology. But what if your printer would encounter a Canon printer 6000 error? Do not be afraid! This may also be due to some technical problems. Such an error is mentioned above. This could be a problem with low ink levels, the wrong printer box, or the logic board. Your printer is programmed to match the remaining inks. On the other hand, this means that the ink cartridge installed on your Canon printer is nearing completion or ready. Therefore, the operator looks at the surface instructions for the ink to see if it is black and the other color is close to the operation.

Causes and Symptoms of error codes 

By knowing the root cause, you will solve the problem in more detail. This error usually occurs when there is an incorrect printer box or a problem with the printer logic board. The following are the most likely printer errors for the Canon 5200:

  • Your cartridge may be damaged. 
  • There may be some problems with the printer box. 
  • Your Canon printer logic board is broken.
  • Black paint is installed incorrectly. 
  • The print box is empty. 

This is one of the most common printer errors encountered by Canon PIXMA mx922 all in one printer . This error message automatically appears on the screen and the printer stops working until you resolve the issue.

How do I fix my Canon Error 5200 printer?

Your Canon 5200 is the best platform to find very effective steps to correct printer errors. Therefore, read the blogs carefully and use them to get the best results. 

fix Canon Error 5200 printer
fix Canon Error 5200 printer

Refill the Cartridges: 

  • Check the surface of the print cartridge and refill if you find it below.
  • Be sure to fill in the color and black printer field to completely correct the error.

Clean the Cartridges: 

  • Unplug the power cable and take out the cartridge
  • Now clean the head thoroughly
  • Then load the printer box and turn on the printer to see if the problem is resolved.

Reset Your Canon Printer: 

  1. First, turn off the printer and hold down the Stop or Reset button. Now press and hold the power button.
  2. Stop or reset button when the power button is pressed.
  3. Now press the Stop / Reset button twice, but do not count the power button. 
  4. Then press the power button. 
  5. Now just wait until a blank message appears. It will take some time.
  6. When the message is displayed, open the top deck to see the printable area.
  7. Now remove both color and black.
  8. Put it in the printer drawer lid and close the printer.
  9. Now close the top cover and turn on the printer again.
  10. After turning on the printer, turn on the print tray.
Steps to correct Canon 5200 printer error

If you have a problem with the Canon 5200 printer on your Canon printer and you are looking for a reliable way to solve this problem, you are in the right place as we have outlined some simple solutions that will be available. Useful for you. So please look at the eyes in the following way:

  • First, turn off the Canon printer
  • hold the STOP / RESET button
  • hold the shift key
  • shift key to count the STOP / RESET buttons.
  • Press the STOP / RESET button twice when you turn on the power switch.
  • Turn on the power switch
  • Wait until the “Empty” message appears. It takes a few seconds
  • When “Free” appears, open the top dialog box to open the print dialog box.
  • Move the lineup and remove the black and white print box.
  • Turn the printer drawer over and turn off the printer.
  • Turn on the top cover and turn on the printer again.
  • After turning on the printer, turn on the printer box.

After completing the above information, you may find that error 5200 is missing. However, if you continue to get the same error code when printing on your computer screen, contact your technician via the Canon printer hotline. When you call this number when you need help, you get real answers to the printer questions.


We hope these steps help you solve your Canon Error 5200 printer problems. However, if you have a problem with the CPU or another Canon printer, call our free experts and get the most effective help.

How do I fix Canon 6000 printer errors?

How do I fix Canon 6000 printer error

fix Canon 6000 printer errors: Canon printers are one of the most popular printers on the market. They are known for their durability, high quality, and performance. However, when using electronic devices, you may encounter many problems while using the printer. Of all the errors, the most common are 6000 errors. When an error appears on the screen, you are prompted to correct the delay. In this blog, we will explain how to fix the Canon E5 printer error.

What is the cause of the Canon 6000 printer error?

Due to various adverse conditions, printer errors are displayed on the screen. You need to quickly correct the error so that the printer works smoothly. Here are some common causes of this problem.

  • When the paper tray is not fitted properly in the Canon printer.
  • Dust particles or paper pieces get stuck and are blocking the paper tray.
  • When an individual gives multiple commands of printing in one go
  • Stretching of line feed might also be the reason.
  • When the printer is surrounded by lots of documents which it troubles the ventilation of the printer fan.
  • The faulty sensor unit of your Canon printer.

Steps to solve Canon Printer Error codes

Solution 1 

  1. To correct the Canon 6000 printer error immediately, try restarting the Canon printer. That’s enough to solve the problem. Follow the procedure below to reset.
  2. To start troubleshooting, you need to turn off the Canon printer and turn it off. After waiting a few minutes, restart the printer and press the power button to turn it on.
  3. While your printer is moving, press and hold the power button on the Canon printer for a few minutes.
  4. Then find the “Stop” button on your printer and double-click on it.
  5. Now repeat these steps at least two or three times. But this time we advise you to be careful when releasing the power button and slow down. 
  6. Once you have applied it, you need to click “Stop” four times in a row.

Using this process, you can fix the Canon 6000 printer errors. If you get the same error again, you can go to the other solutions suggested below.

Solution 2 

Another way to fix Canon 6000 printer errors is to clean the Canon printer paper tray. Say :

  1. All you have to do is open the clothes of the Canon printer.
  2. Then remove any paper that is on the tray. Be sure to remove all paper and scraps of paper, if any.
  3. When you are done, wipe the paper tray with a soft cloth. It is important to remove all dust particles. 
  4. Then check that the paper tray is installed correctly. Then prepare the paper in a suitable package and return it to the printer.
  5. General Conversation Lounge
  6. You can now turn on the printer and see if the error has been fixed.

If you still can not fix the error, you need professional help.

Read more information: canon printer setup

How do I fix the Canon E5 printer error code?

How do I fix the Canon E5 printer error code?

Fix Canon E5 printer error codes appear on your printer if you have a problem with the print cartridge. This usually happens when the printer does not recognize the ink installed in it. It could be for any of the following reasons. Therefore, you need to set up the Canon E5 printer error message printer to work smoothly.

  • The ink tank is not installed properly.
  • An incorrect printer unit is installed, which means that the wrong printer box type is installed on your printer.
  • The printer could not accurately identify the print box.
  • The printer is not clean.

How to fix error codes for Canon E5 printers

Method 1: Install the appropriate cartridge on the Canon printer.

  • The most important thing is to turn off the printer.
  • You also need to unplug the power cord.
  • Then you need to remove all the loaded paper in the printer output bin.
  • The next step is to open the lock. This makes the printer box work. Be sure not to feed them as you go through the printer box.
  • Now remove the printer box and separate the ribbon from it.
  • Next, you have to open the ink cartridge’s entry door
  • Then simply match the color of the cartridge to the holes specified and place it in the cartridge. 
  • Then you need to refill the paint in the empty hole correctly.
  • You need to close the door when refilling the paint properly.
  •  Then insert the cartridge back into the proper slots again.
  • Finally, close the printer drawer lid and turn on the printer. You can do this by pressing the printer power button.

Method 2: Fix the problem with the incorrectly installed printer box

Canon e5 Printer To correct the error message, correct the errors in the printer box. To resolve this issue, you must first purchase a compatible cartridge from your Canon printer. Then connect correctly to the printer. On the side of the printer package is the name of the printer model for which the printer box is listed. This will help you make the right decision when buying paint.

Method 3: Proper printer cleaning

To correct the error code for the Canon E5 printer, you need to clean the printer. Printer error problems can also occur when a printer has too much ink.

Clean the print head

  • The first step is to remove the cartridge from the opening.
  • Then wipe the print head with a clean cloth.
  • Then add a few drops of isopropyl alcohol to the cloth.
  • Now gently wipe the pressure base with a damp cloth. The fabric should be thoroughly cleaned before being cleaned with dirt and paint.
  • Finally, insert the appropriate cartridge into each hole.

Read more information: fix Canon 6000 printer errors

Canon Pixma TR8620 all in one printer

 Canon Pixma TR8620 Driver Download 

Canon PIXMA TR8620 is an all-in-one printer. It is equipped with a touch LCD screen, rear paper tray, front cassette, ADF, and memory card reader. It supports mobile printing, so you can easily print photos or documents from your phone to the printer. The Canon PIXMA TR8620 is easy to install if you follow the steps below. Keep reading how to install Canon Pixma TR8620.

Canon Pixma TR8620 setup  canon Pixma TR8620 setup

  • Unload your printer and take out the container substance.
  • Remove the packing material from the printer and reuse it.
  • Connect the printer to an electronic outlet with the power cord.
  • Turn on the printer control panel and turn on the printer by pressing the power button.
  • When the printer is turned on, set your language and click Yes. 
  • Select your country or region and click OK.
  • Open the scanner unit and open your printer cartridge.
  • Remove the strip from the ink tank and open the orange drain.
  • Without having to adjust the nozzle surface, insert the ink tank into the printer and turn off the scanner.
  • Then remove the tape from the printer and load plain paper.
  • Refer them to the paper guide and save the paper strip to the printer.
  • Remove the paper tray, and then press the OK button on the control panel to adjust the print heads.
  • Click OK when the printer displays a successful configuration message.
  • Tap Next and use the on-screen guide to continue the installation. 

Finally, install the printer software on your computer and check or not the printer after you have installed the Canon Pixma MX922 wireless printer.

 How to install CANON printer DRIVER FOR MAC

  1. Before you begin, make sure your Mac has a standard internet connection. 
  2. Make sure the Canon TR8620 is turned on.
  3. Open the default browser on your Mac and go to the official Canon website.
  4. Enter the printer model number in the search box, then press Enter.
  5. Then go to the “Driver & Download” tab and select macOS from the operating system drop-down menu. 
  6. Click on the Driver or software tab and select the desired driver package.
  7. After selecting the driver package, click the Download button. This driver will download the package.
  8. Wait until the download is complete.
  9. When the download is complete, open the download folder and double-click on the driver download driver software to begin the installation.
  10. If required, enter the Mac Administrator password in the required field. 

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the Canon Pixma tr8620 driver installation.


Before installing the printer driver on a Windows computer, make sure you have the Canon printer driver pre-installed. Use the default web connection, open the default browser on your Windows PC, and go to the official site In the search box, enter the printer model number and click the number at the top of the search results.

Go to the “Drivers & Downloads” tab and select your Windows operating system from the drop-down menu next to “Operating System”. “how to install canon printer on windows 7”

  • Click on the Drivers tab and select the desired driver package.
  • Once you have selected the driver package, click the Download button to start the download.
  • Download the installation file after you have downloaded the printer driver package.
  • Double-click on the installation file to launch the driver installation wizard. 

If the Manage User Accounts window appears, click Yes.

Accept the license agreement and select one of the following options as the connection type.

  1. Wireless connection
  2. cable connection;
  3. direct USB connection

Depending on the type of connection, establish a connection between the printer and the computer.

How to connect Canon Pixma printer to wifi

Wi-Fi Setup using the Easy Wireless setup Connection method:

  • Open the printer and go to the printer control panel. 
  • Configure the router and place the printer next to it. 
  • This will avoid network traffic. Go to the printer control panel. 
  • Press and hold the wireless button for at least 5 to 10 seconds. 
  • Go to your computer and make sure you are connected to your wireless LAN.
  • Start the driver installation and select Wireless Setup as the connection type.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to establish a wireless connection between the printer and the computer.
  • To test the connection, print from a computer connected to a remote test site.

Complete the Canon Pixma TR8620 wireless network installation.

How to set up canon printer on an iPhone

 How to set up a canon printer on an iPhone

went to know how to set up a Canon printer to your iPhone? Apple has used / J setup to develop many applications for printing from iPhones that are compatible with Canon printers. These applications are called AirPrint and Google DrivePrint. Another important tool that you can print from your iPhone is the Canon application. You can download it from iTunes and print it from your iPhone. Canon is a multinational brand specializing in the manufacture of optical and imaging products. In recent years, users have become interested in Canon printers due to their high-quality printing. Canon printers are widely selected for compatibility and best results. If you are an iPhone user and want to print your document via Canon Print, the following information will be very helpful.

Printing from Air Print Compliant device

 This blog describes how AirPrint can be used by users to print remotely from an iPad, iPod, or iPhone when connected to a Canon printer.

AirPrint allows users to print emails, web pages, documents, and photos directly from an Apple device through a Canon printer without having to install drivers.

Check Environment Canon Printer to an iPhone

 The first and most important step is to check the user’s environment.

Airprint operating environment: To use Airprint, users need one of the devices referenced below click hare in the latest iOS version.

  • iPad (all models)
  • iPod (3rd generation or later)
  • iPhone (3GS or later)

Network environment: Make sure either your Apple device or Canon printer is connected to a similar Wi-Fi network.

 Canon printing with Air print 

  •  When connecting a Canon printer to an iPhone, we recommend that you check the connection status before continuing printing. 
  • First, make sure your Canon iPhone printer is turned on and connected to your LAN.
  • When using the application on Apple devices, the user must touch the action icon to get the menu option. 
  • In the menu options, touch the Press option to continue. 
  • Under Printer Options, the user must select the model to use. 

 Important notes to remember

  •  Some applications do not support this feature, so you may not see the printer options. How to set up a canon printer on an iPhone? If the user does not have the printer option available in the application, the print task cannot be completed.
  • Printer options depend on the application and the Canon printer model. As a general rule, when you touch the pressure and select the model name, the following reference will be displayed on the screen.

Printer:  Select the wireless LAN model that can be used.

Copies: Choose the total number of copies to be printed.

Double-sided printing: If your Canon printer model supports double-sided printing, select the On or Off option.

Range: The range of pages can be used with a particular app and file type.

  • To get the first copy, or click to set the total number of copies you need.
  • For double-sided printing, click On to activate it and Off to deactivate it.
  • If you want to print a multi-page file type, click Series and select the Page Series or All Pages option.
  • Finally, tap the Print option.

When the print job runs, the printer prints according to the definitions and specified settings.

Checking the Print Status

  •  If a user requests a Canon printer to connect to their iPhone, we recommend that you check the following:
  • While printing, the user finds the print icon that appears in the list of recently used applications. You can use this to check the progress of printing.
  • To get a list of recently used applications, double-tap the Home button on your Apple device. A push icon appears at the bottom of the home screen.

Air Print Troubleshooting

 If the document does not print, consider the following steps.

  •  Make sure the machine is powered on. turn it off and then on again. Then check to see if the issue is resolved at that point.
  • Make sure your machine is connected to the same network as your iOS device. Check the ink cartridge and paper of the printer.
  • If the printer has an LCD monitor, the user must ensure that the monitor is free of error messages. 

 If the printer problem persists, you can use the printer driver to perform printing tasks.


 Contact the Canon support team for more information on how to connect your Canon printer to your iPhone. The support team manager will assist you with all the information you need. You can contact our support team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by phone or email. The best part is that support services are available 24 hours a day. Contact information is readily available on the official Canons website.



Canon Pixma G1220 Review

Canon Pixma G1220 Review

Canon Pixma G1220 ReviewCanon Pixma G1200 review a few years ago, the Pixma G1220 MegaTank Inkjet Printer ($ 179.99) is one of the rarest single-function or print-only inkjet printers.

As a MegaTank bulk ink model, like the Epson EcoTank machine, Canon printers that get ink from a reservoir full of bottles rather than from a cartridge make it stand out.

What is attractive? 

Its operating costs are the lowest in the business, and its price is about one-third lower than the 2017 version. Despite the flood of entry-level MFPs, the G1220 is not suitable for everyone due to its low functionality and slow speed. But if all you need is to print very high-quality photos and occasional business documents or tasks, this Pixma is one of the most economical ways to do it over time.

Small and simple

Single-function printers are easy to operate by design. It supports different types and sizes of paper, but only prints. You don’t need an automatic document feeder (ADF) because you don’t have a scanner to copy or digitize your documents. This reduces the size of the device compared to an all-in-one machine (AIO).

The Canon Pixma G1220 measures 5.4 x 17.6 x 13 inches (HWD), including pickups, and weighs 10.6 pounds. Same size, but about a pound lighter than the G1200’s predecessor, and much smaller and lighter than the Editors Choice award-winning HP Tango X semi-notebook. Epson’s exclusive consumer photo printer, the Expression Photo HD XP-15000 Wide-Format Inkjet Printer (another PCMag favorite), is much larger because it can handle paper up to 13 x 19 inches.

Small and simple

Paper handling consists of 100 drawers that act as 20 premium photo paper trays as needed. By comparison, HP Tango X has only 50 skins and Epson XP-15000 has up to 250 skins.

Push-alone machines also don’t need much via the control panel. As you can see in the image below, the Canon Pixma G1220 has only buttons and status indicators.

If you notice a lack of Wi-Fi or wireless network control, it’s because the G1220 doesn’t support Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, NFC, or Bluetooth. In fact, the only connection option is USB (bring a cable). That is, you can connect a single Windows or macOS laptop or computer, but not the handset.

 Includes software and special documentation

The software package consists of the canon Pixma G1220 drivers and PosterArtist Lite. Easy-PhotoPrint Editor, as you can imagine, is an image editing and extension program that helps you prepare your photos for printing. You can resize, crop, make corrections such as sharpening and red-eye removal, and apply enhancement filters. Poster Artist Lite is just that sound, an app for creating posters and other photo arrangements.

You can make your images even more beautiful by printing them on special paper such as 5-inch square glossy double-sided matte paper, Canon magnetic and adhesive photo paper, or iron transfer paper. (These and other special media are available at the Canons Online Store.)

Slow document pages and fast screenshots

Canon rates the G1220 as 9.1 pages per minute (ppm) in black and 5ppm in color. This speed can quickly become boring when printing very long documents or large photos. It’s also important to note that this Pixma does not support automatic double-sided printing. You must manually flip the stack to print double-sided pages. I ran the test from an Intel Core i5 Windows 10 Pro PC over a USB connection. (See details on how to test your printer.)

Slow document pages and fast screenshots

In the first test, I registered Pixma while printing a 12-page Microsoft Word document. The average speed of the G1220 is 8.9fpm, which is slightly below the specified speed. This result is the average of the printers described so far here. For example, the Epson XP-15000 achieved 7.9ppm, while the HP Tango X won at 9.6ppm.

How to print canon Pixma G1220 paper sheet

Then print the G1220 while printing colorful and complex business documents consisting of Adobe Acrobat PDF files containing business cards and fonts of various sizes and colors, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets containing various maps and graphs, and brochures. I set it up. Templates with colorful full-page business graphics. .. We then combined those results with the time in the text document to get an average score of 5.2 ppm.

Tank is only 1.8ppm behind, but it’s more or less average for this class of printers. To complete the test, I set up the Canon Pixma G1220 review while holding down two colorful and detailed 4×6 inch screenshots. The average print time per photo is 52 seconds, which is not fast, but excellent. (Tango took 59 seconds).

There are two things in which you can be sure with most cannon pixmaps: they are well printed, and are slowly pressed. The good news is that the G1220S exit is worth waiting for, especially the photos. Images print with better than acceptable detail and precise, bright color. The cannon can push photos without edges until the size of the letter (8.5 per 11 inches).

The canon G1220 also did decent work with our business documents. It also pushed them very slowly. However, entry-level inkjet printers are not really designed to print a stack of full-page pamphlets.

Pixmas usually prints easy-to-read and attractive text with attractive spaces and well-formed characters, and this is no exception. The print quality of the G1220 almost makes up for that inertia.

Penny printing

Above all, the main attraction of the Pixma G1220 is its extremely low operating costs. It costs about 0.3 cents per page for monochrome and 0.8 cents for color. And Canon improved the deal by adding two 170 ml black ink bottles, bringing the total box to about 1,

Printing for Pennies
Printing for Pennies

800 black pages. According to Canon, three 70 ml color bottles (cyan, magenta, and yellow) are suitable for printing 7,700 sheets.

These numbers are about the same as most Canon MegaTank, Epson EcoTank, and HP Smart Tank Plus printers (although the EcoTank tinted page costs 0.9 cents). However, Epson has been offering ink for two years on some EcoTank machines, which is by far the best value.

Sure, there are few print-only machines, especially at the entry-level, but if you print hundreds of photos each month and only occasionally print documents, the Pixma G1220 is relatively cheap to buy and use. When the ink runs out, a set of three 70 ml color bottles costs only $ 12.99, and a 170 ml black bottle costs $ 17.99. In general, it’s a simple machine that prints slowly, but at a very low cost per page. The Pixma G1220 provides a meaningful way to print a stack of photos and other pages for you and your family if you and your family can be patient.



Canon Pixma TS5320 wireless printer setup

Canon Pixma TS5320 wireless printer setup canon Pixma ts5320

Canon Pixma TS5320:-Canon is one of the main organizations that furnish clients with a wide scope of imaging advances. Essentially, it showcases an exhaustive scope of present-day computerized imaging items and arrangements.

It offers a wide scope of printers, including inkjet and laser printers, computerized creation printers, business printers, and numerous others. Besides, Canon Pixma TS5320 is probably the best printer accessible in the market today.

It is a multi-reason printer that can satisfy all of your home printing prerequisites. Furthermore, the printer additionally assists you with printing delightful and lively photographs. Additionally, 

The Canon Pixma TS5320 arrangement process is likewise simple. You can set up the printer by following the simple arrangement process through ij. start. the gun is given in this blog

canon Pixma ts5320

How to Setup Canon Printer on Windows

In this blog area, we have given straightforward and simple tasks to set up your Pixma ts5320 printer. In this way, to set up the printer without confronting any issues, you ought to adhere to the beneath directions:- 

  • Above all else, you should press and hold the connection button on your printer until it shows the “Handling… ” choice. Once the “handling” shows up, you should deliver the button. 
  • Presently, you wanted to download the Canon Printer Drivers on your PC. 
  • To download the drivers, enter ij.start.cannon in the location bar of your program and press the enter key. 
  • Presently, the authority Canon site will open on your screen. Here, you really wanted to tap on the “Set Up” choice. 
  • On the following page, you ought to enter the printer model number and snap on the “Go” button. 
  • Here go to the Canon printer driver’s choice and snap on the “Download” button to continue further with the Canon Pixma ts5320 arrangement. 
  • The printer drivers will begin downloading on the framework of the window. Delay until the download finishes. 
  • When the Canon Printer Drivers are downloaded into your framework, you really wanted to introduce the record. 
  • Presently, you wanted to introduce the arrangement record to finish the Canon Pixma ts5320 arrangement process. Consequently, run the arrangement record and snap on the “Start Setup” button. 
  • After this, you wanted to peruse the organization security notice and snap on the “Following” button. 
  • Presently, read the permit arrangement and tap on the “Yes” choice to proceed with the Canon Pixma ts5320 button. 
  • Then, select the “AGREE”  button to continue further. 
  • Tap on Yes to affirm the association technique. 
  • Presently, ensure that you select an SSID network from the dropdown list and enter the secret key in the following window. 
  • The association is finished, click “Next.” 
  • The “you are currently ready to print from your PC” window will open. Here, tap the “Following” button. 

Note: assuming you need to download or introduce any extra programming, you should tap on the “Proceed with Online.” 


In this review, we examined the total interaction for the Canon Pixma ts5320 arrangement. Besides, we likewise incorporated the bit-by-bit interaction to download or introduce the Canon Printer Drivers. Subsequently, you can undoubtedly set up and utilize your printer in a clear way

Canon Pixma MX922 Wireless All-In-One Printer Review

Canon Pixma MX922 Wireless All-In-One Printer Review 

 Canon Pixma MX922 wireless is an all-in-one printer that can be used for both personal and business purposes. The Canon Pixma MX922 is ideal for those looking for a small and portable printer. Thus, the user can utilize this printer to do tasks like print, scan, and copy, among other things. Moreover, it is excellent equipment for small and medium-sized organizations. Also, it enables customers to print from their mobile devices at any time and from any location.

One of the Canon Pixma MX922’s best features is its ability to automatically print both sides of a page. Thus, this feature is called automated duplexing, and it saves the user money on paper while also 

canon pixma mx922

being environmentally friendly.

Besides that, it includes a helpful feature in the form of an automatic document feeder. Therefore, the customers can place multi-page papers on the paper tray, and it will scan each page automatically. Moreover, if the user does a lot of faxing, then it is a crucial feature.

In today’s world, several printer brands produce a variety of printers ranging from affordable to high-end. Hence, among the numerous printer brands, Canon is one of them. Canon printers are amongst the most well-known and universally used printers. They also have a reputation for producing high-quality printing documents. However, to use a Canon printer, the users must first set up the machine. Thus, to execute the Canon Pixma MX922 Wireless setup process, the users are advised to visit the official site, i.e., “ij.start.cannon.” Furthermore, Canon manufactures printers for both home and office use. Canon printers are a good choice if you want a durable and dependable printing machine.

How to setup canon printer in home and office

Canon printers are perfect for use at home and in the office because they come with a variety of cutting-edge printing features. Also, the user can easily and rapidly receive high-quality printing documents from Canon printers. Additionally, the Canon printers are desirable because they provide a variety of connectivity choices, including Wi-Fi, USB, Bluetooth, and mobile printing.

Canon printers ensure that users receive good results and have a pleasant printing experience at home or work. Therefore, the users are advised to complete the Canon Pixma MX922 Wireless setup procedure via “” to experience Canon printers’ high-quality and top-notch printing features.

All Canon all-in-one printers are designed to satisfy the demands of both the home and the office. Additionally,

Canon printers work with Windows, Android, and iOS operating systems. Along with this, the Canon printers are also explicitly built for better, faster, and higher-quality document printing. Moreover, the user can simply do their printing work fast and comfortably with the help of Canon printers.

Pros and Cons of Canon Pixma MX922 Wireless Printer 

For all users, we’ve highlighted the merits and disadvantages of the Pixma MX922. Check out the complete information offered below before choosing the Pixma MX922 printer.


  • The Canon Pixma MX922 wireless setup and driver installation are straightforward.
  • Users can print, scan, copy, and fax 2 sided multiple office documents in seconds thanks to the strong ADF and automatic duplex printing functions.
  • The Pixma MX922 All-in-One can print on Blu-ray discs, CDs, and DVDs with printable surfaces in addition to
  •  regular paper sizes and kinds.
  • The users can use their phones or tablets to print documents from Google Docs and Gmail.


  • When it comes to ink cartridges, it is more expensive than other MFPs.
  • All control panel features are managed via buttons due to the lack of a touch screen display.
  • The cost per page is high.
  • It is incredibly poor at printing and scanning when compared to comparable AIO machines.

Features of Canon Pixma MX922

The Canon Pixma MX922 printer consists of a variety of printing features that work together to increase overall performance. It offers high-quality business imaging as well as multi-purpose functionality, enabling the user to achieve great commercial success.

Auto duplex printing

This feature allows users to print on both sides of a sheet without turning it over. Due to the Auto duplex printing capability, the user does not require to turn the sheet manually.

Mobile printing

Mobile printing is available with the Canon Pixma MX922, which is compatible with a number of smart devices. The Pixma MX922 also supports Apple Air Print, Google Cloud Print, and Canon’s Easy picture print app. The system also has printing and scanning capabilities thanks to Picasa Image Cloud, Pixma Cloud Link, and Canon’s Image Gateway.

Auto document feature 

An automated document feeder is included on all competitive AIO machines, saving time and resources. The Canon Pixma MX922 also has a 35-sheet auto document feature, which ensures that all operations are completed swiftly and without the need to load a single page at a time.

5- Individual Ink System

A pigment black ink and four dye-based color inks form the five-color ink system, producing high-quality text and pictures for personal and professional papers and presentations.

Final Words

The Canon Pixma MX922 wireless is a multifunction printer with a cutting-edge design that allows users to print quickly, scan, and perform other tasks. It’s also an excellent printer for home, small, and medium-sized businesses. The users who want a high volume of printing may consider acquiring the Canon Pixma MX922.


Canon Pixma TR7520 Setup 

Canon Pixma TR7520 Setup

canon pixma TR7520 setup

The Canon Pixma TR7520 setup is a great all-in-one printer that can be used for both personal and professional purposes. It’s a small printer with a lot of connecting options, which makes its setup process simple and easy. Furthermore, it prints photos very quickly and is a good printer for home and small business use.

The Canon Pixma TR7520 is an All-in-One printer with a lot of features, including the ability to print from an SD card. As a result, it’s an excellent option for users searching for a small and portable printing machine. It also has a 200-sheet paper capacity. The users can either connect the printer directly to the system through USB or to a wireless network or utilize the Canon printer app to print from a mobile device. 

Along with this, the Canon Pixma TR7520 also includes the Pixma cloud connection, which allows users to access their files instantly from social networking, photo-sharing, and storage websites. Hence, it is a perfect choice for users looking for a printer with unique features and qualities. However, the users first need to execute its setup procedure to access its features and complete various printing tasks. 

Therefore, here, we’ve provided a complete procedure to set up the Canon Pixma TR7520. Hence, the users are recommended to go through the below information if they’re looking for a suitable procedure to set up their printer. Once the setup process is executed, the users can smoothly print photos and documents without any interruptions. 

Procedure to setup Canon Pixma TR7520

The Canon Pixma TR7520 is an excellent printer for increasing productivity at home or in the business, and it comes with a lot of advanced printing functions. Hence, the users can easily copy, print, scan, and fax their documents without any hassle. Moreover, the Canon Pixma TR7520 setup procedure is straightforward. Furthermore, the users who are unable to complete the setup procedure should follow the instructions outlined below.

Note: The Canon Pixma TR7520 setup process can be done via the official website or the CD. 

Note: It allows users to select whether they want to operate their canon printer through USB or LAN.

Note: The Canon Pixma TR7520 setup is required when operating the printer via a LAN connection. The connection is immediately validated if the setup procedure is already complete. However, the users are recommended to follow the steps given below to finish the printer setup if it isn’t already done.

  • Firstly, the users are advised to turn their printer “ON” and then click on the “Power” button. 
  • After that, users are suggested to open an internet browser. 
  • Next, the users are required to type “” in the internet browser’s URL section and then click on the “Search” option. 
  • Now, the users will be taken to the official setup website, from where they can proceed further with the printer setup procedure. 
  • Once the users reach the official site, they’ll be asked to select the device they wish to set up. 
  • So, users can either choose a printer from the list below or type the printer model into the search bar.

The techniques listed below can be used to finish the setup procedure.

 Option 1: Making Fax Ready For Use

Users searching for instructions on how to set up a fax machine should follow the steps given below.

  • First, the users are suggested to select the “Phone Line Configuration.”
  • After this, the users are recommended to select either “Easy Setup” or “Various Settings” for how they wish to receive faxes. 
  • Next, from the drop-down menu, the users are advised to click on the “Start” button. 
  • Note: The users who bought the printer in China or Canada should select the one that best fits their requirements.
  • Lastly, the users are recommended to follow the on-screen guidelines to finish the setup process without interruption. 

After following the above instructions, the users can smoothly set up their Canon Pixma TR7520 for making their printers fax ready. However, if any user faces issues while executing the above steps, they should contact the customer support team of canon to get a solution as soon as possible. 

Option 2: Connecting to Smartphone, Computer, or Tablet

  • The users are first suggested to tap on the “Download” button to start the Canon Pixma TR7520 setup process. 
  • After that, the “.exe” file will start to download on the user’s preferred device. 
  • Once the download procedure gets complete, the users are recommended to open the downloaded “.exe” file on their system. 
  • Next, the users are required to choose a language from the “Language” list. 
  • After this, the users should tap on the “Next” button. 
  • Now, the users need to select a printer connection from the given options. 
  • Note: The given options are “USB Connection” and “Wireless LAN Connection.” Users can select any from the provided options as per their preference. 
  • After that, the users are required to follow the on-screen instructions to finish the Canon Pixma TR7520 setup procedure. 
  • Note: The users should ensure that their printer is turned “ON” during the setup process. 

After following the above steps, the users can easily set up their canon printer without any hassle. Once the setup process is done, the users can smoothly use their printer to perform different printing tasks. However, some users may encounter issues while performing the above procedure. In that case, they must get in touch with the customer service team to find a suitable solution. 


So, this was all about how users can smoothly set up canon printers in just a few steps. Hence, all users will be able to complete the Canon Pixma TR7520 setup procedure without problem if they follow the steps given above. Therefore, users looking for a complete procedure to execute the setup process are recommended to go through the above information. Moreover, after finishing the steps given above, the users can quickly access their printer’s features and accomplish various printer-related tasks in no time. 


Canon Pixma TR4522 Setup Procedure

Canon Pixma TR4522 Setup Procedure

The Canon Pixma TR4522 is a lightweight printer that allows users to print, scan, and fax documents. It’s an excellent printing machine for businesses. Additionally, it offers simple, efficient office printing in a small package and is easy to use.

However, in order to use the Canon Pixma TR4522 printer, it is necessary to execute its setup procedure. Once the users purchase the preferred printer, they must perform its setup process to access its unique and latest features. Hence, for users searching for a multi-featured printer, TR4522 is a perfect choice.

Additionally, the Canon Pixma printer has built-in fax and automatic document feeder feature. As a result, the automatic feeder allows users to copy or scan multiple pages in one operation. Moreover, the users can also utilize a network router or a USB cable to connect to the Canon Pixma TR4522.

Furthermore, the users can also use the download apps included in the printer to access the internet that allows them to print details or information from entertainment or news sources. Therefore, here, we’ve provided a step-by-step procedure to set up the Canon Pixma TR4522 printer. Hence, the users looking for the guidelines for the setup process are suggested to go through the below information.

Procedure to set up Canon Pixma TR4522

Users are advised to execute the Canon Pixma TR4522 wireless setup procedure after purchasing the Canon printer. As a result, once the users complete the setup method, they will be able to conduct all printer-related tasks such as printing, scanning efficiently, and faxing. Hence, the users are recommended to follow the below steps.

  • Firstly, the users are advised to turn their printer “ON.” canon pixma TR 4522
  • Note: The users can turn their printer “ON” by connecting one end of the power cable to the power outlet and the other side to the printer’s backside.
  • After this, the users are recommended to turn “ON” the printer’s operational panel.
  • Next, the users are advised to tap on the “Power” button.
  • The users are now required to choose the language of their printer.
  • Note: To choose the language, the users can use the navigation keys.

Above are the steps to execute the Canon Pixma TR4522 setup process. After following the above guidelines, the users can smoothly access its features. However, if users encounter any issue while executing the given steps, they should get in touch with the customer support team to get a solution.

Steps to Install Canon Printer Cartridge

It is recommended that users wait for the print carriage holder to stabilize. Additionally, the users are advised to follow the instructions outlined below to add the Canon printer cartridge once the carriage has stabilized.

  • First, the users are advised to remove the tape from their canon printer cartridge.
  • Users should then place the black printer cartridge into the left slot and the color printer cartridge into the right slot.
  • Note: It is recommended that users place the Canon printer cartridge in the slot at an upward angle.
  • Note: Users are advised to lock the Canon printer cartridge after it has been installed.
  • Then close the Canon printer’s output cover.

Hence, after following the above steps, the users can smoothly install the Canon Printer Cartridge. However, in case any user faces issues while performing the above steps, they are recommended to contact the customer service experts of Canon to get a suitable solution.

Load the paper tray

  • It is recommended that users remove the paper tray and stop when they hear a click sound.
  • The purple paper guide should also be moved to the right side.
  • After that, the users are recommended to store their papers in the paper tray.
  • Note: The users must ensure not to exceed the paper limit.
  • After this, with the help of the paper’s edges, the users should carefully adjust the paper guide to resolve it.
  • Note: Make sure there are no bends in the paper, as this will lead to a paper jam.
  • Next, the users are suggested to gently slide the paper tray into the printer after adding the paper.
  • On the printer display, users are now advised to set the paper settings according to their needs.

Therefore, above are the guidelines to load the printer paper tray. The users can smoothly perform the above steps. However, if they face any issue while executing the above instructions, they must contact Canon’s customer service team to find a solution as soon as possible.


This was everything about how to set up the Canon Pixma TR4522 wireless printer. Moreover, it also includes the steps to install the Canon printer and how the users can load the printer paper tray. If a user is not able to access the official Canon portal,, they should contact the Canon customer support team for immediate assistance.