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Hardware setup for

Canon printers are used across the world, and people prefer using canon printer, because of its advanced features such as it can scan document and one can easily send faxes. So, if you've purchased a canon printer and are wondering how to setup canon printer, then don't worry. Because, we've come up with the step by step guide for canon printer setup, but, ensure that along with the setup of canon printer, it is necessary to install drivers and software.

Hardware setup for

If you are facing a problem or don't know how to set up the canon printer and resolve the problem, then you are the right place. Yes, through the help of the step-by-step instructions, it will become easy for you to setup canon printer. So, proceed further with the steps and take printing to the next level using a canon printer.

Canon Setup
  • Before proceeding for the hardware setup for, initially, suggests you carefully put down the printer on a flat and steady location. Besides with this, make sure that the printer is placed within the Router's signal range.
  • After this, carefully remove the packaging material and unbox the printer.
  • Now without causing any harm to the printer, precisely remove the tapes pasted on all parts of the printer.
  • Then, set the paper tray deliberately and load it with the A4 size plain white sheets.
  • Then after this, make use of the power cord and connect it to the stable power source like a wall socket. Then, turn ON the printer.
  • Now, by pressing its power button located on the top of the printer, turn it ON. Accordingly, the Power Lamp" will glow up. Thus, make sure that it is stable.
  • Simultaneously, will start with the printer's initialization process automatically. At this point, you may hear some noise from the printer. Therefore, wait for the process to get completed.
  • Eventually, the display panel of the printer will light up, and the setup guide will start.
  • Now to complete the initial setup procedures for, follow the onscreen prompts. Then for this, carefully select the following options such as "Display Language", "Date", "Time", "Country/Region" and "Access Security Measures (PIN)".
  • Now at the end to exit, the setup guide for select the "End" option.

Printer configuration for (Wireless setup for

Canon printers are all in one printer that facilitates print, copy and scan. The canon printers are designed for personal as well as business use. Through the canon printer, one can easily print, copy and scan a high-quality document.

Although there are multiple brands of printers available in the market, people prefer canon printer, and it's the first choice when it comes to perfect printing. Also, canon printers are well known for their high-quality printing. But, to use the printer, the initial step is its setup and installation. So, here below we've discussed the steps for wireless setup for


The wireless configuration of mainly depends on your printer and the infrastructure of your Router. However, the following method described here would be helpful and can be used to accomplish the task with most Canon printers.

  • Now, start the process by turning ON your "Network Access Point" or "Router". After that, at the same moment, make sure that it is working properly.
  • Additionally, make sure that the computer is also connected to the same "Network".
  • Also, make sure and check that the printer is turned ON. Kindly check the power lamp. Ensure that it must be lit and stable.
  • Now, by accessing the printer's operational panel, begin the process. After this, check that its display screen must show its Home window. However, if it is not showing, then check the Energy Saver button with a Sleep Mode icon. In case if it is bright, then by pressing this button, wake the printer and then press the "Home" button.
  • Thereafter to locate the "Menu" tab, navigate the "Display Panel". Then, to open the "Menu" window tap on it.
  • Then to expand it, you should click on the "Preferences" tab.
  • After this, click on the "Network" option.
  • Now the following window will ask you to "Log in". Thus, add the printer's "System Manager Login ID and PIN/Password". After this, click on the "Login" button.
  • Now to proceed with the, click on the "Wireless LAN Settings" option.
  • Then, click on "Yes" to enable wireless LAN.
  • Finally, read the message containing the details of wireless LAN option. And then, click on "OK".
  • Then by tapping on it, select the "SSID settings". In other words, using "SSID" means you are opting for Wireless LAN setup, i.e. the name of the wireless network.
  • Now to choose the convenient method, click on the "Select Access Point". It means that your canon printer will find and automatically connect to your network.
  • Hence at this time, the printer will start looking for the network available for the connection.
  • Now, a list of all networks (Routers) available within the range will get open.
  • After this, from the list, choose your "SSID" or "Network/Router Name". Then click on "Next" option.
  • After this, it will ask you to certify your choice. Thus, click on the "OK" option.
  • Carefully, mention your "Network Password". Make use of the "Up" arrow to switch between the "uppercase" and "Lowercase". Along with this, make use of "Symbol" key to enter the "Numbers" and "Symbols".
  • Click on the "Apply" option, in the end.
  • After this, carefully read the same on the following message window, and then click on the "Yes" option.
  • Therefore, by doing this, will connect the Canon Printer to your network. As it may take time so, wait for the process to get completed.
  • Now on the Connected message screen, click on the "Close" option to exit.

Thus after doing, this will set the IP address and other necessary details automatically on your canon printer. Therefore, wait for a few more minutes.

WPS Push Button Setup

The WPS is a quick and easy method to connect the printer to the wireless router/access point or gateway. So, here we have penned the steps required for the WPS push-button setup. Hence, follow the same as enrolled below.

  • Initially, turn ON the printer and Router to accomplish process.
  • Then after that, find the printer's Wi-Fi button. Thereafter, press and hold the button till its alarm lamp flashes once.
  • Now, as the blue lamp starts flashing besides this button, then press the WPS button on the Network Access point or Router.
  • Till the time, the blue Lamp of the Wi-Fi will continue to flash as it searches for the network. Thus, the power and the Wi-Fi lamp will flash at the time of connecting to the Router.
  • Now once the connection gets established successfully between the printer and the Router, the power and the Wi-Fi lamp will lit and gets stable.
  • Also, ensure that the printer is properly connected to the right network by printing the network settings page.
  • For completing this task, carefully load the printer's paper tray with A4 sized plain paper.
  • Then after this, gently press and hold the Resume/Cancel button till its alarm Lamp slashes for 15 times.
  • After that, carefully release this button. Now, the printer will print its Network Settings Page. Thus, make sure that the details are correct.
  • Confirm that it's "Connection" status show "Active". Along with this, the SSID must correctly display the name of your network.

Wired Status

  • Those who are looking for the steps for the wired status should apply the steps as examined below.
  • Turn ON the printer and the Router, to begin the process.
  • Now at the left-hand backside locate the LAN port of your printer and then carefully remove its Cap.
  • Then, to this port plug in one end of the Ethernet Cable carefully.
  • After that, take the Ethernet Cable and plug the other end to the LAN port of your Router.
  • Now, access the display panel of the printer. Then to open the "Home" menu window, select the "Home" icon.
  • Thereafter at the lower left-hand corner of the screen, select the "Wireless and Network" icon.
  • Now choose "LAN settings" followed by the "Wired LAN" for
  • After that, select "Wired LAN active/inactive" from there select "Active" option.

After doing all these steps, the "Wired LAN Setup" will get completed. Then, to confirm it, click on the "Home" icon to return to the main window. Here at the bottom left-hand corner, you will get the "Network" icon.

Printer Driver Setup At

The printer driver plays a significant role. Through the driver, the printer passes the command to the printer about how and what to print. So, it's essential to complete the printer driver setup at carefully. Therefore, here we have mentioned the steps for the printer driver setup, so do the same as instructed below.

Canon printer driver download

  • The initial step is to launch any browser available on the computer such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Mozilla or Internet Explorer etc.
  • After this, visit the canon printer's setup website. For that, type "" in the address bar of the browser. Then press "Enter" on the keyboard.
  • Next after this, on the upper left side of this webpage, look for the "Setup" button and click on it to open the setup page.
  • Then the following window will display a "Search Bar", there enter the model number of the printer. Thus, enter the model number correctly. You can get the model number on the front side of the printer. So, enter the printer number carefully and then hit the "Go" option.
  • Also, you can find the model number of the printer by browsing from the list of the options mentioned on this window.
  • Then the window will ask you to confirm the computer's OS, such as Windows or Mac. Also, the requires you to select the region and the country. Thus, make an appropriate choice in the window.
  • After this, it will display a result showing a secure and latest Download link for the certain OS and your printer. Therefore to initiate the downloading process, click on the "Download" button.
  • Then, wait for the entire process to get completed.

So, these all were the instructions required for the canon printer driver download. After the driver gets downloaded, then proceed further with the canon printer installation process. Therefore, for that, we have also discussed the canon printer driver installation steps for windows and for Mac users too.

Canon Printer Installation

To accomplish the canon printer installation process for windows, begin with the steps enlisted below.

For Windows

First of all, locate the downloaded Driver File on the system, to begin with, process.

  • After this, double-click on the Driver Software File to open it.
  • Now, a User Account Window will get open infront of you asking you to permit the installation process. Hence by clicking the "Yes" button, allow the same.
  • Then to proceed with the process, click on the "Next" option.
  • After this, the following window will ask you to "Select Place of Residence". Thus, make the appropriate choice carefully and then click on "Next" option.
  • Subsequently, the "License Agreement" window will appear on the screen. Now here read the terms for the same and then by clicking on the "Yes" button accept them.
  • After this on the Firewall settings window, select "Deactivate the Block" option. Then click on "Next" option.
  • Now on the following "Connection method" window, choose wired or wireless according to the printer. After this, click on the "Next" button to proceed with the
  • Now to complete the Network Connection, follow the onscreen instructions.
  • Then, once the entire process gets complete, the software available for installation will display on the screen. Hence, for initiating the "installation" process "click" on the Next option.
  • After this, wait for the process to get completed successfully.
  • Finally, at the end of the "installation complete" window, click on "Exit".
  • At last, restart the computer to complete the process.

For Mac

All Mac users searching for the Canon printer driver installation process, they all should follow the steps as enrolled below.

  • First and the foremost thing is to locate the downloaded driver file on the system, to begin with, the process.
  • Now, double click on the Driver Software File and open it.
  • Then on the following window, double click on the "Setup" option.
  • After this, a security warning pop-up box will display on the screen. So, to proceed further with the process, click on the "open" button.
  • Now to continue on the welcome window of the installer, click on the "Yes/Continue" option.
  • Then the "Software License Agreement" window will get open on the screen. Therefore review the terms closely.
  • Here you can also read the terms in your preferred language and for that click on "Language" drop-down box and make a suitable choice. Furthermore, click on "Continue" option to proceed further.
  • Now, as a result, a pop-up box will appear seeking your consent for the terms of License given on the last window. Therefore, select "Agree".
  • Then, on the following "installation" window click on the install button.
  • After that, on the following pop-up box enter the accurate "Mac Administrator User ID and Password".
  • Then, click on the "Install Software".
  • Thus, the installation process for will start. Therefore, wait for the process to complete.
  • Then on the "Installation Complete" window, click "Exit" option.
  • At last, start your "Mac" device again.

So, we hope that after following the process discussed above was helpful for all of you.